Financial and Economic Research Unit (FERU)

In this post crisis era, India is now poised to achieve a double digit growth rate in the coming years. The onus of this growth lies on the shoulder of a robust financial sector, one that can meet the funding requirements of a growing economy. However, to attain the dream double digit figure, the financial sector would need visionary strategies and accommodating policies. The Financial and Economic Research Unit (FERU), at Pahle India Foundation has been set up with the objective to track key issues pertaining to policy changes both domestically and internationally, analyse their impact on the macro and micro economy and affect policy change within the financial sector. We undertake survey based analytical projects on issues related to development, innovation and best practices in financial sector and recommends policy changes accordingly.

The PIF team has been working closely with the Ministry of Finance on several issues including capital markets and on monetisation of gold. In fact, recently PIF has been made a part of a Working Group created under the FSDC, which has a mandate to review regulations around gold and gold monetisation.

FERU is guided by a Financial Sector Research Advisory Group, with whose inputs we are have developed our financial sector research into a comprehensive research programme for the medium to long term that will add value to the reforms agenda of the government.

The Research Advisory Group consists of:

  1. Ajit Ranade, Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group
  2. OP Bhatt, Ex-Chairman, State Bank of India
  3. Praveen Chakravarty, Senior Fellow, IDFC Institute
  4. Rashesh Shah, CEO, Edelweiss Finance
  5. Somasekhar Sunderasan, Counsel
  6. Usha Thorat, Ex-Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

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