1. "High petrol price: The unfairness of it all" - By Gunja Kapoor, The Newslaundry on 29th May 2018.
  2. "Interoperability Key To Digital Revolution" - By Gunja Kapoor, The Pioneer 27th May 2018.
  3. "Ease of doing business: Land record reforms ahoy!" - By Bjorn Lomborg & Saleema Razvi, The Economic Times on 25th May 2018.
  4. "Remaking ‘Make in India’: Reform the rigid and multiple labour laws" - By Aakanksha Shrawan, The Financial Express on 24th May 2018.
  5. "How Digital India is manufacturing jobs" - By Chidambaran Iyer, The Financial Express on 14th May 2018.
  6. "Indo-German Bilateral Trade in Goods" - By Ramneet Goswami, The Dialogue on 07th May 2018.
  7. "Defining Gold in Gold Policy" - By Nirupama Soundararajan and Arindam Goswami, Bullion Bulletin on 06th May 2018.
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