Improvised Social Security

Prithu Sharma 28th February 2018

When the social security sector of a nation fails to deliver on its intended purpose, the populace takes up the mantle for social security on itself. The ensuing arrangements are not only sub optimal in providing social security but are also the genesis for a slew of other issues. These new issues emanating from improvised solutions to lack of social security nets, have negative externalities, of such large order and perverse nature, that the original problem is compounded even further.

The make shift arrangements most innate to those not covered by a sparsely available, non-affordable social sector is to have offspring. The point being that in the absence of substantial old age support and other social securities, humans turn to their most carnal instincts and they spawn. They spawn to be assured that when the time comes later in their lives, they always have someone to rely on, to call on, to fulfil the gap, which the social sector could not.

Further, throw into this already pitiful scenario, a dysfunctional and sorely inadequate health infrastructure, lack of education, negligible connectivity, etc. and one will end up with direct implications for child mortality. This causes a risk averse person, outside of the social security net to hedge his bets by having more than the optimal number of children (aka his social security) lest some are sacrificed at the altar of indifference for human lives. The outcome of these ingredients brewing in a cauldron of socially regressive and restive attitudes has the populace spawning a progeny so vast that the kauravasare put to shame (hyperbole, of course).

It comes as no surprise then that those who are most probable to suffer from the perils of life, i.e. the poor, are the most likely to exhibit the tendency to populate in order to overcome the social security handicap.However it is not uncommon or unsurprising to find this tende...

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