Pahle India Foundation (PIF) is an FCRA certified, not for profit policy think tank, established in June 2013 by Dr. Rajiv Kumar as a Section 8 company. PIF’s motto is “Facilitating Policy Change.” The motto guides all our activities. At PIF, we undertake research and disseminate its findings to contribute to the necessary paradigm shift in development thinking and practices in India. PIF is committed to enriching the public discourse and also to influence policy formulation that will help India successfully complete its triple transition in economic, political and social fields.

Our aim is to emerge as a credible, trustworthy and neutral bridge between economic agents like firms, farmers and professionals on the one hand and policy makers on the other and to contribute to bringing the three principle stakeholders viz government, industry and academia on the same page and pulling in the same direction - a key condition for ensuring India’s success in global markets. PIF currently has an analytically strong team of dedicated researchers who are self motivated. PIF's highly qualified team specialises in analyzing India's political economy and its engagement across verticals that are relatively underworked areas that will permit PIF to create a niche for itself in the research and think tank space in the country.