PIF's Vision for 2018-2028


Pahle India Foundation is a unique think tank that takes on the tough challenge of facilitating policy change in India and other emerging economies; not merely make policy recommendations that abound.

Facilitating policy change requires focusing on the last mile of creating a trust based dialogue between economic agents (firms, entrepreneurs, innovators) and policy makers among political leadership, senior bureaucracy and judiciary.

The dialogue would be based on rigorous and objective research that is deeply and sincerely rooted in Indian ground realities captured through surveys and trust based discussions with all concerned stakeholders and undertaken with the exclusive goal of serving India’s national interests.

The single line description of India’s national interests is to make India a global leader in all aspects by 2047 when we celebrate the centenary of our independence.


  • Recognising the primacy of action, presenting the output of PIF research as workable recommendations that are discussed at closed door sessions that bring together all stakeholders for better absorption by desk officers and change agents and subsequent implementation that is monitored by PIF.
  • Recognising India’s vibrant democratic environment, publicly disseminating the policy action plan in a calibrated, systematic and persistent manner in Hindi, English and local languages, for maximising popular support and influencing public opinion.
  • Recognising the absence of globally comparable indigenous Indian think tanks, building world class specialisation and attracting the best Indian talent in selected sectors, regions and themes and doing so in a phased manner for regular quality improvement through learning on the job.
  • Recognising the critical importance of performing and being perceived as a fiercely autonomous, independent think tank devoted exclusively to the pursuit of India’s national interests, mobilising a sufficiently large corpus of financial resources to guarantee these traits.


While reserving the flexibility for responding to changing ground realities in India and its external environment, initial focus of PIF’s work will be on the following sectors/themes and countries/regions:

  • Financial and Economic Research Unit (FERU)
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
  • Trade, Industry and Digital Economy (TIDE)
  • Global Political Economy and India Unit (GPEI)
  • Defence Economics
  • Energy, Environment and Urban Sustainability (EEUS)