Energy, Environment and Sustainability (EES)

he economy of a country is inextricably related to its environment, electricity production and consumption and infrastructure. Energy and climate change related policies have often been viewed, incorrectly, as deterrents to economic development and these need to have an additional element of sustainability built into them. Pahle India Foundation’s work in these sectors comprise of the innovative policy solutions including assessment of best technologies available for developing a paradigm shift in development thinking that takes into consideration the development of infrastructure, renewable energy installations, sustainability, climate change adaptation and mitigation for a more sustainable development model. The policy oriented research at PIF addresses issues like, Reforms Needed in the Power Sector of India, Increase in the Footprint of Renewables in the Energy Mix, Sustainable Energy Financing, Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Farming and Sustainable Waste Management. PIF aims to identify and propose policy oriented sustainable solutions to Energy, Environment and Sustainability Sectors.

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