Global Political Economy and India Unit (GPEI)

India is faced with a turbulent global geo-economic situation as it attempts its transition to a middle income economy while generating critically required employment opportunities. This turbulence could well be exacerbated if recent protectionist tendencies in OECD economies, led the US under Trump; the slowdown in China; and internet based automation of non-routine intelligent operations are intensified. India has to ensure stable macroeconomic conditions domestically to steer its way forward towards double digit inclusive growth.

In the above context, PIF’s work in the area of ‘Global Political Economy and India’ will focus on careful analyzing emerging global trends for their likely impact on Indian economic prospects. We will also closely track domestic political economy developments and publish policy briefs for policy makers. The research effort will focus on design of policy reforms; India’s stance in multilateral, regional and bilateral negotiations; measures for expanding India’s share in global markets; and critical search for generating higher employment. The PIF team will produce ‘Position Papers’ for initiating discussions and ‘Policy Briefs’ for influencing policy and articles for enriching the discussion on these issues in the public domain.

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