Health and Health Systems

Population health development in India is riddled with several concerns, not least the varying definitions of health among different actors and stakeholders; little understanding of the design constraints of the health systems across the states and the obvious absence of coupling between consumers and service providers.

The Covid 19 pandemic has aggravated further the need to manage uncertainty and reduce complexity for public health with stronger linkages between political necessities and societal need (individual and collective wellbeing). With the aim to translate science to policy and actions, Pahle India Foundation has initiated the vertical on “Health and Health Systems”. Dr. Pavitra PAUL with Dr. Indu BHUSHAN provide stewardship of population health development in the Bharat@100 project of PIF and steer the mainstreaming of Ayurveda and Ayush.

The research activities initiated under this programme are (1) “Health – Wealth” trade – off of COVID – 19 policies under uncertainty – where to locate the balance for policy optimality?, and (2) Defining an optimal mix of public and private financing of health system within public policy space.

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